EDITORIAL. brand campaigns.
 Look books. Model portfolios. advertising. 

While traditional fashion photography seeks to elevate the garment in place of the girl, 

I’m far more concerned with utilizing it to tell her story.

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My work is a library of bold visual stories in which classic portraiture and contemporary fashion meet femininity with passion and power. 

In a delicate dance between rich color, dynamic movement, and intentional light, an empowering narrative unfolds resulting in photographs that feel as vibrant and tangible as the powerful women gracing them.

Every brand has a unique story, and yours deserves to be told with great passion and artful excellence. 

Helmed by my detail-oriented art direction, and executed in my signature bold visual style, we'll work collaboratively from start to finish to create impactful imagery that will showcase your brand in its best, most captivating light.

full-service photography and art direction for 
intentional brands

fashion &
brand stories

- Storyboarding video call 
- Guidance on locations, 
- A session experience designed to make you feel empowered and at ease

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Project conceptualization and mood-boarding 
Guidance on location, art direction and styling
Detailed project logistics 
An expertly-directed and efficient shoot experience
Full-service editing and comprehensive retouching of photographs
Final deliverable 

your brand story brought to life in its best, most captivating light

Fashion and brand stories include:

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All fashion and brand stories are custom-tailored to best suit your brand story needs.
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