for modern women

There's this story I know.


It's about a woman...

Passion flows through her veins.
Creativity is written on her heart and woven into the fabric of her very soul. She knows that she was created on purpose, for a purpose.

That woman is you.


and your story
deserves to be told.

From my heart
to yours

A note from lauren


Life is her canvas and she paints it with beautiful, vivid strokes of her audacious dreams.
She not only believes in the beauty of those dreams but possesses the courage to make them a reality. 

Designed with you, the modern-day, creative entrepreneur in mind, Story of Her is a personal branding experience for the woman seeking to tell her story with passion, purpose and impact.

Guided by my narrative-driven approach, detail-oriented art direction, and signature bold visual style, we'll work collaboratively from start to finish to create a collection of photographs that will not only elevate your personal brand, but capture the essence of the remarkable woman behind it all: you.

A personal branding experience for
the modern woman

- Storyboarding video call 
- Guidance on locations, 
- A session experience designed to make you feel empowered and at ease

Story of her

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The Experience

Pre-session storyboarding 
Guidance on location, art direction, and styling
Detailed logistics 
A shoot experience designed to make you feel empowered and at ease
Expert, artistic editing & comprehensive retouching in my signature style
A bespoke collection of hand-retouched, on-brand storytelling photographs

Due to the in-depth nature of the Story of Her experience, a limited amount of openings are available annually. All collections are custom-tailored to best suit your personal branding needs and are available on a single, bi-annual, or quarterly basis. Please inquire below for further details.

The opportunity to tell your story with passion and purpose

Personal brand stories include:

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